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Black pill, pt. 44563

What lunacy we're surrounded by continually. Increasing in exponential degree. Banal, obnoxious mostly. Village idiots with megaphones and decadent freak exibitionists, banal, boring, but evil nevertheless with their Orwellian political coercion on every front all the time. What a demonic show. Thanks, Satan. And thanks to your wonderful children. Some of the evil is very bloody too, though. Spectacular evil. Crucifying children evil. Throwing acid into faces evil. And the element in it all of permanent change for the worse really gives a feeling of joy.

And it all happened in such a short time. My lifetime. Wonderful luck. Living in America at least I did miss the 20th century totalitarianism. I suppose everybody in all eras between the two advents sees an increasing demonic show. In my case though I got to witness a nation uniquely successful get turned into a filthy public restroom with corruption and no more mature adults thrown into the equation.

People just go about their lives, but this all is a ten on a scale of ten demonic show going on now.

And all the young and middle-aged white folk are committing suicide. Which is celebrated. Because they're slave holders. Or something. That's OK, though, because Somalians with 70 I.Q.s can be our airline mechanics, and guys named Ach'med can run the government. Civilization does not know color or religion, right? Oh, wait a minute.

When western Europe and the English speaking nations go the demonic show is total. That means the demonic show is total.

The only question now is how long does God allow the demonic show to carry on, now that it has attained global dominion...


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