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Christianity is the big, real mystery religion

[An email.]

I've been reading books of the Bible, mainly Paul's letters, in a unique way. I've been putting myself in Paul's shoes as he writes and seeing what he writes in the context of the delivery of info on the mystery religion aspect of Christianity. Maybe this is too subtle to articulate.

Christianity is the big, real mystery religion. And Paul's task is to explain it. Interestingly, you see right away that he doesn't go into it at too great a detail to the esoteric, or practical level. Which is why everybody reads the Bible and is left in a sort of state of limbo regarding it all. I mean we can get the main points and we can become regenerated, but we really have to struggle to see it all as the great mystery of the ages and the workings of it all.

That is what I've been trying to see as I read Paul. It's an interesting approach. - C.


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