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Q Anon (Questions and Answers)

Here's a good link to a few questions and answers on the Q Anon phenomenon.

It's from a Reddit forum set up by people involved in it at 4chan and elsewhere. The link to the main forum which is called CBTS_Stream (Calm Before the Storm) is here.

I find Reddit to be confusing (just like 4chan). These sites just seem horrible to the eyes.

Tracy Beanz on YouTube is a good source. Her Q Anon videos are numbered up to 13 (or XIII) now. Anti School on YouTube is also good. Both know the editors (the Bakers) at the 'chans' who are involved in all this. - C.

ps- Much of this has to do with internet culture which is foreign to me. These guys and gals seem to be hyper red pilled. It's surprising to hear young people who sound like they do say things that are conservative, insightful of globalism and all that, and even Christian. They call it the awakening.


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