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Some places the Devil owns, some places the Devil attacks

This is how you discern between nations and cultures and religions and civilization regarding good and evil. Instead of observing that fallen man is everywhere on the planet and thus concluding all of the above is equally evil you realize that some places and things the Devil owns, and some places and things the Devil attacks.

For instance the Devil owns Islamic nations, but the Devil attacks Christian nations. In the 20th century the Devil owned communist countries, but the Devil attacked non-communist countries.

In the Devil-owned countries when evil is done it is considered the norm. In countries the Devil attacks when evil is done it is seen as evil and as an exception to the norm.

Big difference.

Evil exists everywhere, and fallen man populates all countries; but not all countries are equal regarding good and evil. Some places the Devil owns, some places the Devil attacks.

Your feet also generally tell you which places the Devil owns and which the Devil attacks. Unless you've been deeply indoctrinated or radicalized you'll tend to move - or want to move - towards places the Devil only attacks, and away from the places the Devil owns.


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