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Weird actions can be explained

Three examples of strange things observed in recent times and their explanation.

1. Why would so public a preening, sanctimonious moralist asshat like Bono of the rock band U2 allow himself to get busted only donating 1% of proceedings from his Africa charitable foundation to actual people in Africa? Does simple financial corruption or greed explain such a thing? It doesn't seem like it because Bono is worth hundreds of millions of dollars already from his music.

Here's the explanation: Bono is a globalist. He has the Satanic globalist virus to like 33rd degree zombie level. He fools people by mentioning Jesus every now and then (but only as a liberal theologian would mention Jesus, if you pay attention), but he is a Luciferian through and through. His globalist mentors have taught him the program. The program is to get the third world to move en masse into first world countries so that the globalists can have a rootless, a-historical mongrel race of basically slaves to easily tyrannize over. So they tell Bono it's OK to steal money from the third world because this in part enables the bad conditions that contribute to mass movement of populations. Thus Bono has this bizarre justification to steal as much money as he can possibly steal from Africa because he's been told it will further the greater goal of globalist one world tyranny, which in Bono the Luciferian's mind is the greater good. Welcome to the world of high altitude globalist moralists. (I could have used Bill and Hillary and their Clinton Foundation as the example here as well, but it is a bigger, more multi-headed Satanic Hydra; yet the reason Hillary still is trying to get more and more money despite already having hundreds of millions if not billions is due to the justification outlined above. Probably throw in that in her dementia she has probably also bought into the globalist fantasy that they will somehow live forever - by drinking the blood of infants or some other Satanic ritual - and thus being a trillionaire is the mark for a good, powerful globalist...)

2. Where all of the sudden did an internet bookseller (Jeff Bezos) and the guy who founded PayPal (Elon Musk) get rocket and space technology to the degree that they become the go to companies for launch of U.S. military assets? How does this happen? OK, we think, well, these guys have gotten soooo rich from the internet that we guess they are just able now to do things that before only government level budgets are capable of doing. I guess.

Here's what was really happening: the globalists knew they could counter even the power of the U.S. military (and any other military) with space based weaponry and technology, thus they basically had Obama cancel NASA as a working agency (remember when Obama announced NASA's new role was to be some kind of reach out to the Muslim world, or some such bizarre thing?) and transferred that technology to tech titan Dr. Evils Bezos and Musk (word is Musk has seen which way the wind is blowing lately and has turned on his globalist masters and is now working with white hats within the government against the globalist coup). This also enabled Obama and Hillary as his Sec. of State to transfer rocket and space technology to places like Iran and North Korea, bypassing government controls, with the design to destabilize the world and weaken the power of the United States. So now we see how this advanced, very expensive technology that only a government financed agency like NASA could handle is being handled by tech geeks all of the sudden. With black budget money thrown into the mix, by the way.

3. Why did so many life-long public conservatives publicly state that they wanted Hillary Clinton in the White House last election? All their arguments were pointless and nonsensical ("It's not a binary choice...Trump is unfit...it's about principle...")

Here's the reason: 50% of them were thoroughly enmeshed in the blood-for-money, endless war Neo-con racket that has been a foundational part of the Washington, D.C. economy for decades. The other 50% are pedophiles. And it needs to be understood that the Neo-cons made their Stalin-Hitler pact with the globalists sometime during the Clinton administration, so there isn't much space between them and the Satanic child raping/torturing/murdering globalist pedophile types. The way you recognize each is the Neo-cons (after being publicly exposed by Trump) retreat to the political left and to mouthing pro-liberty, pro-constitution sentiments in a lecturing style as if they are the only people defending such things. While the pedophiles go around acting out the preening, sanctimonious moralist role before the cameras and in print.

So there you have it. When you see behavior that is just strange and weird remember that totalitarian movements both try to turn things upside-down (good is evil, evil is good, peace is war, war is peace, freedom is slavery, slavery is freedom, etc.) to dispirit and disorient the population they are tyrannizing over - and - the very justifications for deeds and words and actions in a Satanic environment become detached from truth and reality.


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