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Seeing God 2

Over a year ago I wrote a short post on the subject of seeing God. Here. Now here is another angle on this subject.

In the first post I mentioned how it can be an uncomfortable thing to think about seeing God in Heaven because that kind of feels like seeing a supreme authority figure, or being in the presence continually of an authority figure. It even feels a bit silly. Like a Muslim staring at their black rock after journeying a thousand miles to get there. I.e. what is the point of just merely looking at something? This is not mocking something like the beatific vision; this is practical thinking. Anyway, I answered that part of it in the first post linked above.

In this part two I want to mention another aspect of seeing God that doesn't get talked about. I believe it has to do with the subject of our level of being.

You have to have something in you before you can see it outside of you. Think of this in terms of language. You can't see why one musical composition is more interesting than another unless you have some of the language of music in you. If that involves just having heard different kinds and levels of music rather than having any musical theory in you it still applies because you heard that music which is audible language. I.e. you have *something* in you that gives you ability to discern the difference between the two musical works.

To see God you have to have something of God in you. Obviously the Holy Spirit applies here. At the level, though, of being in the Kingdom of God (seeing God - Jesus - directly) your level of being has to be higher than it is right now.

Forget the question of how your level of being gets to where it has to be to be in Heaven. Monergism, synergism regarding sanctification, etc. Let's just say you are *there* now. This means 'seeing God' is a measure of your new level of being. I.e. it is too simple to see it as you standing before Jesus gawking at Him and thinking that is the goal, to see Jesus. That's kind of silly.

When it's said the angels always face God that is talking about how they are arranged in their internal being. They are not always, literally - physically - facing God.

It's the same with glorified human beings in the presence of God which is to say in the Kingdom of God, the new heavens and earth.

The subject is level of being; not climbing up to the summit to view the old man in the cave.


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