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The answer to why there are different races of human beings

One of the questions I had in this post had to do with why God created races of humans so divergent from each other which could only lead to conflict of various kinds.

Today I was reading a story about ISIS militants in the Philippines, and they had a photo of one of the militants. He looked more animal than human. I asked the same question, why did God create such animal like humans in the first place? (This militant also behaved as an animal.)

Right then it struck me: God didn't create them. They are the result of Satan infiltrating and defiling the human bloodline.

I was talking to an Hispanic woman once who in the course of the conversation casually said white people are how God made people to look. I.e. white people are the normal way God created people. This came out of the mouth of an Hispanic woman. Casually. Like it was common knowledge and a common thing for her to say in her own community.

There's a sense that mongoloids and negroids, and various mixes of all the races, know, collectively and individually, that there is something wrong with them. Compared to the white race. Obviously it's not conscious knowledge in them all, or even in many of them, but it's there. They look in a mirror and say, What the hell? At some point they do that. They then say to themselves, "I've been caught up in some kind of evil I had nothing to do with. I just got born. But does that mean I'm evil?"

Complicating it all - to the Devil's advantage - is all humankind have original sin and have actively sinned. So the Devil knows this puts the normal race of people at the same level as his defiled offspring, and he's then able to play it all off against each other in multifarious ways, all to the detriment of the white race ultimately.

Satan can't destroy God's elect. He can only annoy God's plan, he can't defeat God's plan. Yet he really annoys God's plan in many ways.

(I should add this point in here: these races of people defiled by Satan have the pride and vanity of Satan. In their animalistic hybrid selves they think they're just fine, if not the crown of creation. This also breeds a wild resentment in them, justified in their animilistic minds, patterned as well on Satan's hallucinogenic resentment towards God.)

Where does this leave individuals born in the line of blood Satan defiled? Are they all hellbound? Reprobate? Decreed by God to their fate of being defiled humanity? Or are they in the same boat as any white person?

Christian doctrine would put them in the same boat as all white people. Hell bound but for saving faith in the life and death of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

The main point here is my question is answered. I asked God why He created such radically diverse types of human races, and the answer is He didn't. He created Adam and Eve and from them all humankind have their genesis, yet Satan stepped in and defiled that bloodline in numerous ways at numerous times to get things to where they are now. God allowed it, yet He will bring His fist down upon the perpetrator in His time.

[See an addendum to this post here.}


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