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Quick Rundown of the Q Anon material

If you don't know who or what Q Anon is all about this probably won't interest you, but if you have a vague notion of it all but don't really know what is going on here is a link to a quick rundown (and, a much longer rundown of 117 pages after the quick rundown which is a mere 7 bullet points). I haven't read the 117 pages of the link, but the quick rundown at the top of the page is good enough probably for most people's interest:


An interesting development is somebody on 4chan (the internet message board where Q Anon is posting, it's a message board that maintains anonymity) on Nov. 28 asked Q Anon if President Trump could put the word 'axe' in a tweet to show Q Anon is real. On Nov. 30 the Twitter feed of the FBI - @FBI - posted a tweet with the word axe in it. Q Anon is somebody close to Trump who works in deep state.

+ + +

Here is a further post on Q Anon that has even more good, succinct material to get understanding of what is going on.


Blogger c.t. said...

If you go to that link on a desktop computer you don't have to download anything. The pdf appears in full.

December 4, 2017 at 1:15 AM  

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