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Coda on the sin isn't cool posts...

Coda on the public masturbation posts (not really posts about public masturbation, but using that subject to make Christians uncomfortable and to see how they are not cool and sin is not cool in God's eyes).

Coda is a musical term, for those who don't know it, look it up!

In my current 7th complete reading of the word of God I mentioned going through Leviticus and seeing the two leprosy chapters as being about sin. It's now occurred to me that there are similar parallel chapters about: bodily issues. I.e. fluids that issue out of human bodies.

See, the Holy Spirit in Leviticus is trying to communicate to you that sin is not cool. What's less cool than bodily issues? Not much. Maybe suspenders and shorts.

How about bodily issues in public? Yes? *That* is *really* uncool. Unless it's blood, maybe, which arguably can be cool, in some cases. So let's leave blood out of this. Oh, wait a minute, I was thinking of the guy who's just been in a fight, but I forgot the very charming prospect of public menstrual blood issue. Remember the movie Carrie? Definitely not cool.

So, hardly anything less cool than public bodily issue. And the Bible uses this example for sin. The *Bible* does it. We pass right over it.

The Bible is saying: odious skin infections, bodily issues...this is *you* after the fall of Adam. Yes!

Sin is *not cool.*

If you still have a cool or positive self-image, my fellow, fallen pilgrims, it hasn't even begun for you.

Part 1
Part 2
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Blogger c.t. said...

This is a real theme in the Bible. The ones asking for help from Jesus are not the cool ones. And they *need* help. They're alienated from God, from the world, from everything. The cool ones are arguing with Jesus, and plotting against him.

July 6, 2011 at 9:10 PM  

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