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The Scandal of Contemplative Prayer...

On contemplative prayer (a common term used by church Christians pro and con): if you're just 'contemplating' your navel then, yes, it's inane and something the devil is very happy to have you doing. If, on the other hand, you are observing yourself and the world about you while being aware of God in the moment in a way that requires a basic level of internal presence that the average shallow church Christian just doesn't have then that is a different thing.

And if the practice doesn't provoke and make your "old man" fight back then you're not doing anything...

The flesh wars with the Spirit (and true practice of presence accumulates the Spirit into you). This friction is not to be avoided. It is to be welcomed. You can't extend your limits and develop control of the dark, confused, chaotic mass of your inner being unless you provoke your limits and engage in the necessary warfare... Ideally what is being called 'contemplative prayer' provokes this friction. Of course, the devil doesn't want you doing this kind of prayer, so he will notice you and confront you, and his followers - operating on pure unconscious instinct - will confront you as well... Not to mention, again, the "old man" in you. Do you want this? Do you value the practice of the faith?


The Faith

The Faith is not about 'married with kids.' It's not about sitting in a 'pew.' It's not about being 'good.' It's about making contact. Effected by the Word and the Spirit. Then it's about donning the amour of God and doing battle with yourself, the world, and the devil; and assaulting heaven. Being the image of God in the Kingdom of God -- a prophet, priest, and king.


Something to think about...

There's a devilish element - beyond the poisonous false doctrine - in what FVers (proponents of Federal Vision and New Perspective on Paul) are and are doing. It's like this: they are nobodies, for the most part, yet they are able to yank chains. They are able to goad serious Reformed Christians (ones who actually can see and know the power of pure Reformed - i.e. biblical - doctrine). This ability of a nobody to yank chains is a Satanic ability; especially when the context is serious doctrine and belief and practice and eternal life and eternal damnation. It comes from having the spirit of the devil in one. Muslims have this too. Jihadists notice are supreme chain-yankers; and they are supreme nobodies as well. It is the spirit of the devil that directs them and inspires them to say what they say and to say it in the way they say it. You see this in manipulative drug addicts as well who otherwise are total morons. What they are doing is taunting you from across the gulf that separates God's kingdom from Satan's kingdom. They are tempting and taunting and being shameless about it. And if they ever get real power of life and death over you their chain-yanking and taunting turns into pure, vicious torture and killing. And destroying of the Word of God...


From God's dictionary...

Federal Vision; otherwise known as goatism.



To see the rinky-dink nonsense that Federal Vision is read this short (and doubled-spaced) paper. Federal Theology is the truth and power of apostolic biblical doctrine. Federal Vision is a concoction of juvenile nonsense put together by people who have no ability to see, let alone know the power of, pure biblical doctrine. Is it not time now to brush these delinquents aside once and for all?