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Addendum to a previous post on the human races

A continuation of this post.

The more animalistic a people look the more the Devil has defiled their racial bloodline.

This also happened prior to the flood. God wiped out all living creatures because of it. Then He said He would not do that again, so the Devil did his thing again, defiled the human blood line(s), and so here we are again. God has let it go this time, though there will be a judgment.

Asians resemble monkeys, Africans resemble great apes (such as gorillas and chimpanzees). It is only the extent that any individual one of them has white blood that they look anything approaching the original human creation.

These comments freak people out, but they're made just for understanding. We're all in the same boat regarding salvation. No faith in Christ (who is God just as the Father and just as the Holy Spirit is God) no salvation. No faith in Christ, no salvation.

Political-correctness is fear of the world. The theories Christians give for why there are many human races are all garbage explanations meant to show the world that they 'properly' fear the world.

When the Devil defiles the bloodline of a people it changes the structure of the soul of that people. Regeneration by the word and the Spirit, though, restores an individual soul back to how God created the human soul.


The answer to why there are different races of human beings

One of the questions I had in this post had to do with why God created races of humans so divergent from each other which could only lead to conflict of various kinds.

Today I was reading a story about ISIS militants in the Philippines, and they had a photo of one of the militants. He looked more animal than human. I asked the same question, why did God create such animal like humans in the first place? (This militant also behaved as an animal.)

Right then it struck me: God didn't create them. They are the result of Satan infiltrating and defiling the human bloodline.

I was talking to an Hispanic woman once who in the course of the conversation casually said white people are how God made people to look. I.e. white people are the normal way God created people. This came out of the mouth of an Hispanic woman. Casually. Like it was common knowledge and a common thing for her to say in her own community.

There's a sense that mongoloids and negroids, and various mixes of all the races, know, collectively and individually, that there is something wrong with them. Compared to the white race. Obviously it's not conscious knowledge in them all, or even in many of them, but it's there. They look in a mirror and say, What the hell? At some point they do that. They then say to themselves, "I've been caught up in some kind of evil I had nothing to do with. I just got born. But does that mean I'm evil?"

Complicating it all - to the Devil's advantage - is all humankind have original sin and have actively sinned. So the Devil knows this puts the normal race of people at the same level as his defiled offspring, and he's then able to play it all off against each other in multifarious ways, all to the detriment of the white race ultimately.

Satan can't destroy God's elect. He can only annoy God's plan, he can't defeat God's plan. Yet he really annoys God's plan in many ways.

(I should add this point in here: these races of people defiled by Satan have the pride and vanity of Satan. In their animalistic hybrid selves they think they're just fine, if not the crown of creation. This also breeds a wild resentment in them, justified in their animilistic minds, patterned as well on Satan's hallucinogenic resentment towards God.)

Where does this leave individuals born in the line of blood Satan defiled? Are they all hellbound? Reprobate? Decreed by God to their fate of being defiled humanity? Or are they in the same boat as any white person?

Christian doctrine would put them in the same boat as all white people. Hell bound but for saving faith in the life and death of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

The main point here is my question is answered. I asked God why He created such radically diverse types of human races, and the answer is He didn't. He created Adam and Eve and from them all humankind have their genesis, yet Satan stepped in and defiled that bloodline in numerous ways at numerous times to get things to where they are now. God allowed it, yet He will bring His fist down upon the perpetrator in His time.

[See an addendum to this post here.}


Wotan, Odin, like Olympian pantheon, are folk-imagination-evocations of angels

Europeans are trying to find their way back to God, or to some connection with the invisible realm. Their indoctrination has been strongly negative towards Christianity (not to mention common fallen nature being strongly against it), so there is some groping in the dark towards folk gods and goddesses such as Odin, also known as Wotan.

This seems silly to Christians on the surface of it. Some see this yearning to revive old pagan religion as a kind of LARPing (live action role playing). It's easy to mock in this way, but hold on...

What are mythological gods anyway but angelic evocations the organic, collective folk mind conjures in the desire to people the heavenly realm that is invisible to us? I say folk mind because each people group small and large seems to evoke this angelic realm and these beings in their own unique way.

Christianity is bigger than unbelievers know. Christian history goes back further than they know as well. For instance, the Europeans interested in old pagan religion don't realize the basic stock of humanity itself migrated to Europe from ultimately the dispersing of Noah's offspring at the Tower of Babel. Does this make Europeans Israelites? Perhaps same stock, but Israelites are more narrowly the line of Jacob. Did later some Israelites migrate into Europe just a few centuries prior to the birth - incarnation - of Christ? Yes.

What is the role of good angels and fallen angels in all this? These evocations can be used both ways. If they're drawn on for true wisdom, inspiration, a force of unifying in war, and other positive things then the evocation is of good angels. If they are worshipped in the place of their Creator then the evocation becomes Satanic, ultimately. Satan will use anything, counterfeit anything, appropriate anything to his uses. He'll also impersonate an angel of light.

Angels are messengers of the Triune God, they are not God Himself. Yet angels exist as real beings. If the folk imagination conjures them as Apollo and Athena, or as Wotan and Freya, and they are not worshipped as God Himself then they are angelic evocations of a real nature.

Christianity is not a religion or worldview in the sense of one among other competing religions or worldviews. Christianity is reality and transcends everything, and in that it also includes everything under its umbrella. Everything false under that umbrella will either be counterfeit of the real thing or will be the real thing seen in fragment and through a glass darkly.

Europeans yearning for wisdom and the spiritual realm have too small a view of Christianity in history and human nature and in the visible realm and the invisible realm.

A necessary postscript: Many Europeans are stuck at the stumbling block of associating Jesus and ancient Israelites with modern day Jewry. Modern day Jewry don't even worship or recognize the same God as Christians. The God of the Bible is Triune. This is something even the ancient Druid priesthood knew. Jews see God differently. Like Muslims they reject the biblical Triune God. They, like Muslims, deny Jesus is God come in the flesh. This is the biblical definition of having the spirit of anti-Christ. Strikingly, Jesus Himself said these Jews were of their father the Devil. So Muslims reject the Bible for their own book, and the Jews do the same, their real book being the Talmud, not the Old Testament. As for the racial aspect, King Alfred the Great had more Israelite in him than any Jew in modern day Israel.


Three questions I have for God

I don't know everything. Everybody has to pretend that they do know everything. I know a lot, and can figure out the rest pretty well, but there are some things I still don't know.

I'm going to put three questions to God. People are probably afraid to put questions to God in this way. I'm not questioning God so much as putting questions to Him. These are things I honestly wonder about.

1. Why don't human teeth regenerate? You created the human body so wonderfully (even though in our fallen state we've made it look rather ugly and worn out in terms of disease and other things over the centuries since the fall), yet you didn't make it so that human teeth regenerate. Teeth wear out. They get broken, knocked out in various ways, rotted. They need to regenerate just like fingernails and hair regenerate. Alligators go through hundreds of teeth in a lifetime. Their teeth regenerate. I wonder why human teeth don't do the same? (And also it's hard to think of someone living 900 years, as before the flood, without teeth regenerating.)

2. Why did you create different races of human beings of such startlingly different traits and looks and intelligence and so on? It seems that only could lead to conflict. Perhaps you wanted all the different races and people groups to stay within their borders speaking their own unique languages like You said in Genesis, and we have gone against that arrangement. I understand all that, but I still wonder why You created such disparate kinds of people. And the differences were bound to make one the enemy of the others. The darker prey upon the lighter. The lighter are even the fewer making it worse.

3. Why, when you said you would, as part of your common grace, limit the evil of man do we see evil seemingly unbound and unlimited such as in the past century? It's hard to see that man was kept from acting out unlimited evil in just the 20th century alone. Perhaps this is evidence that Satan has been unloosed because we are at the very end of the end times and he is now able to deceive the nations and assert dominion over the entire planet. That would answer it.

Bonus Question: Why, if there was no death before the fall, do all the creatures of nature bite and tear and rip and kill with their fangs and their claws and razor sharp beaks and so on? I.e. why do nature's creatures even have these sharp fangs and claws and beaks that are only designed to kill and eat other living things? It's hard to imagine a lion eating only plants. Perhaps it was only humans, who were created in the image of God, that didn't endure death. That would explain it.


Christianity requires initiation

To the uninitiated Christianity will always come across as strange. To the initiated Christianity will always come across as strange. This is because Christianity is not worldly. Everything else is worldly. Anything worldly is comfortable to us. Anything that's not worldly is weird. Just as everything that isn't God the Creator - i.e. everything that is part of the creation - is comfortable to us; yet God Himself is uncomfortable to our fallen nature. We'll worship anything that is part of creation, but we will refuse to worship or even recognize the Creator. That is because the Creator is higher than us. He created us. This makes our fallen nature very uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable to even just recognize something higher than 'us.'

Take this thought - this reality - into how to think of non-Christians, or people who are commonly hostile to Christianity. It seems weird to them. Uncomfortable. It did - and still does - to me. Yet what happened? I finally took up the Bible and read. I read and persevered on until I'd read it all. (This is a side point, but even the various genres of the Bible are strange, even to a well-read individual.) I read, and read, and read again, until I became initiated into the world of the word of God. It slowly began to come into focus with each new reading. There is no shortcut. This is what you have to do. Just read it. Read the Bible. Page by page. Verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book. And this is what an unbeliever has to be told.

With all the raw living word inside you you will then be able to gravitate towards true biblical doctrine. This is part of it as well. But you have to have the entire word of God in you. Something so few make the effort to acquire. You have to be initiated.

You're not going to be argued into the faith, or coaxed, or convinced emotionally or intellectually. Without the real initiation of having the entire living, quickening words of the Bible in you it will all be shallow.

You have to have a stake in Christianity (a share, or interest in, money on). In reality itself.

Churches don't teach what I've written above. Seminaries don't teach what I've written above. The Bible itself to these people and institutions has become a sort of ad hoc, loose binder class notes, or professor's notes, or pastor's notes, and not even a complete, unified, pure and whole, supernaturally preserved, inspired, word of the living God. It's almost like these types not only don't see the Bible that latter way but they actually keep such a thing away from those they influence. Such a thing is something to mock.

Just read. And don't confute (disagree, or be disagreeable) at every page, just take it in. If you have to see it this way: like a computer downloading a program. Just download it. Complete. You don't want a partially downloaded program. Along the way the word of God has a way of quickening you. If you're really doing what I've written to begin with there is a reason for that. God quickens - regenerates, awakens - via His word, and via the Holy Spirit. Move towards Me, and I'll move towards you, says God, in several places throughout the Old and New Testaments...

Only this effort to get initiated in a real way has any meaning or leads to anything real.


I don't exaggerate regarding churchians

Listen to this program around the 27:30 mark. These people don't believe in supernatural regeneration by the word and the Spirit. It's obviously something they've never experienced. John Owen wrote about this. I find it absolutely obnoxious that people would put themselves in positions of Christian leadership while not having a clue about the main thing: regeneration (also called being born again).

Many of these clueless souls grew up in churches, so they appear to be handicapped in not being able to discern any real change in themselves, unlike a person who grows up having nothing to do with churches. Regeneration is going to be a more striking change (lifestyle change, for instance) for the latter. Still, though, regeneration is regeneration and its effect will be known whatever your life experience, and these types at the linked podcast appear to not have been through it.

This effects their relationship with the Bible as well. The two most foundational realities of the faith: the living, quickening - supernatural - word of God and monergistic regeneration by the word and the Spirit, are things they actually downplay. They downgrade the Bible to a mere text document that needs their own critical text skills to even be determined what it is; and they downgrade any work of the word and the Spirit, giving all to man and ritual.

What does this sound like? It sounds like a default Roman Catholicism. No word of God needed, and 'sacraments' the all in all. Priestcraft stepping in for any silly notion of supernatural regeneration by the word and the (so-called?) Spirit. Then they protect themselves by adopting a default guild mentality and guild-like respecting of persons. The 'teaching church' talking down to the so-called 'lay people.' Meanwhile real Christians (red-pilled?) are being awakened (Rom. 13:11) everyday, but are not walking through the doors of such shallow, Christian-reality-denying fakes.

God and Mammon = God and Satan

Seeing the phenomenon of internet truth and liberty people selling out to globalist money (via intermediators like Media Matters, if you think that sounds too grandiose) made me think of the biblical verse about serving God and Mammon (money) at the same time. You can't serve God and Mammon at the same time. My thought is: that dichotomy - God and Mammon - is as stark as God and Satan. I believe this means that when a person sells out their conscience and ideals to money they are in effect actually selling themselves to the Devil.

With all the focus - understandable focus - on pedophilia and sex crimes in general being used to extort and control people we can forget how central money is in corrupting people for political use. Somebody said if you give someone a good salary, a pension and benefits you can get them to do anything. Think teacher's unions, think federal police forces. Think IRS. You can turn someone into a death camp guard for the right price.


Trinitarian objectivism

I came across the term 'trinitarian objectivism' in a J. I. Packer essay awhile back and tried to google it to see what it meant (Packer gave no explanation in the course of the essay), and came up empty. Because I'm banned from pretty much all of the Christian forums on the internet I couldn't put the question to anyone that way; so I just put it on a shelf.

Then this evening I came across this little essay on Reformed Forum. You have to read the entire essay to get the context, but in it I found an explanation for the term I was looking for.

This paragraph is probably not very helpful when read alone (again, you should read the entire essay), but it gets somewhat directly at what it means to have an objectively Trinitarian worldview:

Herman Bavinck’s organic ontology, which holds that the archetypal unity-in-diversity of the triune God of Scripture requires an ectypal unity-in-diversity in the creation, provides the theological rationale for his philosophical apologetic.[12] Because the creation is not amorphous, conforming to the subjective and variegated philosophies of man, but has an objective unity-in-diversity ontology, both monism and dualism are unable to account for the full-orbed life of the world and humanity. The former destroys all diversity at the expense of unity and the latter posits a diversity that never arrives at a unity—neither can satisfy both the heart and the mind. Such satisfaction is reserved only for the revelational epistemology of Scripture that takes the doctrine of the Trinity as its alpha and omega point.


An obnoxious, familiar pattern regarding the new scientific discoveries putting the earth at the center of the universe

I've been complaining about the lack of interest by Christian writers in recent scientific discoveries putting the earth at the center of the universe. Now I'm seeing a pattern that plays out elsewhere on the internet.

Globalist interests want to destroy the truth and liberty movement generally known as the alt right or alternative media. One way they are attempting this is to pay people to present themselves as part of the movement but then to write constantly on the themes of an extreme anti-Jewish or anti-Zionism position and also constantly rattling on about flat-earth theory and beliefs. While also attacking the most popular and effective members of the truth/liberty movement.

So now I'm seeing something similar happening with these new scientific discoveries showing the Bible to be true and the earth to be supernaturally positioned in an obviously created universe. Establishment science can't wave these findings off, so they've decided they have to try to separate Christianity from the findings. They are doing this by paying for articles and blog posts on the subject written by people pretending to be Muslim, and having them associate the religious aspects of the new findings solely with Islamic beliefs.

Why aren't real Christians writing about - or even mentioning - these things? Maybe real Christians are few. The churchians are scared of their own shadow when it comes to what the world thinks of them, and thus they don't want to publicly espouse anything that is or seems supernatural.

All the early internet articles on these remarkable findings (remarkable obviously understates such epochal and world-changing findings) are written by professed Muslims. Here's one that doesn't tip the Muslim hand until midway through the article, but that is the reason it was written:


These are interesting times, these new scientific discoveries not the least of it all. Interesting that Christians still are showing a really very studied lack of interest in them. It exposes them.