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"We have the marvelous gift of making everything insignificant." - Gogol


Three types of false teachers

There are three basic categories of false teachers. Biblical doctrine must be not only understood but accepted.

1. The first type of false teacher has little or no understanding of biblical doctrine (as opposed to the doctrines of man), yet insists on lecturing on what he has no understanding of. A common Arminian would generally fall into this category. Most rank and file Romanists as well. Mormon missionaries, etc.

2. The second type of false teacher has understanding of what is true (or gives evidence of being capable of understanding what is true) yet his fallen nature won't allow him to *accept* it, so he concocts a watered-down version of the truth, negotiated down to the demands of his fallen nature, to make it acceptable to his fallen nature which of course turns the truth into falsehood. This type of false teacher is a *soft* false teacher. Just about every doctrinal 'wobbly' out there falls into this category. I.e. liberal theologians.

3. The third type of false teacher also has understanding of what is true (or gives evidence of being able to have understanding of what is true) yet scorns the truth and consciously teaches against it, attempting to undermine the truth and deface it and generally attack it in any way he can. This type of false teacher is a *hard* false teacher. Apostates, some of whom become militant atheists or adherents of false religions like Islam (though that may be rare, i.e. those people seem to be just wildly and angrily ignorant), can fall into this category. Hard false teachers that choose to remain within the tent can seem like the soft false teacher variety, but they will give themselves away by adopting, by degree, an Alice-in-Wonderland, up is down, black is white presence, i.e. "I'm a professor at a Reformed seminary, and I teach that there are numerous errors in the Bible, or that foundational doctrines such as justification by faith alone are wrong, etc." Peter Enns and Norman Shepherd are examples of *hard* false teachers that choose to remain inside the tent.

The devil's children never go away and never give up

If you havn't yet humbled yourself to accept the Received Text, the Traditonal Text, Hebrew and Greek, of the Word of God you havn't yet humbled yourself to - or been humbled to - the Word of God itself and the Holy Spirit Himself.

The unregenerate arrogance of the critical text scholars and their useful idiots comes out when you point out to them they are fighting the same battle the Romanists fought during the counter-Reformation against the Word of God. When the critical text scholars and their useful idiots have this made known to them they retreat into mocking and post-modern spinning and rhetoric. I.e. Satanic behavior.

To all you critical text scholars, putative believers and mostly unbelievers, and to all the useful idiots who follow them: may you enjoy your reward in eternal hellfire. Because that is where you are headed. And you know what? You want to be there. So be it. Die and be in eternal hellfire. You deserve it.

To my Father in heaven: I thank you for preserving for me, and giving me your Word, pure and whole, and for inspiring my brothers and sisters throughout history to defend and preserve your Word, pure and whole, against all the forces of darkness and death and evil. As I hold in my hand the traditional text, translated faithfully, known in English as the Authorized, King James Version, mocked by the asinine priesthood of scholars, hated by the devil and his minions, despised by the proud unregenerate of all ages, I thank you Father in heaven for making it possible to hold this Word of yours, your revelation, pure and whole in my hand. I thank you in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Regeneration: Abel didn't fear it; Cain despised it

The Roman Catholic Church (the system of the Beast) called people to partake of the 'sacraments' all day and all night long. The more people the better. Come one, come all!

On the other hand the Roman Catholic Church (the system of the Beast) actively worked to keep the Word of God away from people at penalty of torture and death.

Satan *knows* what regenerates human beings.

It is *not* ritual sacraments. It is not clerics. It is not a physical building.

It is the living Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

Being stuck on ritual is a mark of a devil-whipped Christian. Being stuck on ritual is a mark of a fearful human being who fears the battlefield and knows it is regeneration by the Word and the Spirit that puts one on the spiritual battlefield, and so hence retreats to ritual, justifying with petulant and insistent rhetoric their exalting of man and ritual above the Word and the Spirit.

Ephesians 6:10-18 tells you what the armor of the God is. It does not mention ritual or clerics or buildings.

Stop fearing man. Fear God alone. When you fear God alone you don't fear man, and you don't get stuck in detours and you don't continually fall over stumbling blocks that keep you from the straight and narrow that is the Way where Christ's pilgrims walk, and make stands, and reach the goal and force their way through the gates of heaven, amidst a chorus of mocking, and hissing, and embarrassment, and hatred from the world, your inner Old Man, and the Devil; yet to the cheering of the residents inside the gates of Heaven awaiting you.


Worshiping at the idol of the 'noble savage'

If you observe the behavior of leftists (including self-identified Reformed Christian leftists) and wonder at their 'up is down', 'black is white' Alice-in-Wonderland words, thoughts, and deeds here is a big clue for you: it's called the myth of the noble savage. It is a central idol that leftists worship.

Picture this: a leftist couple and their two children travel to France. While there they leave their two children in a rented car while they go look for a map. While in the car the two children are fire bombed by Muslim youth on a routine rampage through the suburbs of Paris. The two children burn to death in the rented car. How does the leftist couple react? You *know* how they react. They justify the behavior of the 'noble savages', and they ultimately (though this part they won't articulate) think of the death of their two children as holy sacrifices to their idol, the noble savage. Insane you say? Well, just a couple of followers of the devil living in the devil's Kingdom worshiping idols, la dee da.

The myth of the noble savage is a powerful, central idol of fallen man. Actually, of fallen man who has been given by God to live in Christian culture and civilization and is too Satanically dumb and ungrateful to recognize the giver of such grace.