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These are the enemy, this is the war

There are three levels of crime going on carried out by the enemies of humanity and God.

First level is money crimes. Corruption regarding money. This is where it begins.

Second level is Satanic religion that they're drawn into which involves the harming of children in many hallucinogenically evil ways.

Third level is crimes of treason. They get drawn into the ultimate demands of high level evil to create a world tyranny. This makes them give their allegiance to globalism and causes them - gives them justification - to commit acts of treason against their own countries. This 'higher allegiance' also justifies in their minds (and what's left of their conscience) the other crimes they are committing.

The global mechanics of it all carried out by the various rogue deep state agencies of the world involve the necessary money laundering, child (and other human) trafficking, and numerous (and various kinds of) false flag events designed to empower world tyranny.

These are all devil-run operations, devil-run hierarchies. The people involved lose their souls (yes, I consider them beyond redemption; let others evangelize them, I don't like human demons). When confronted they are soulless cornered rats capable of doing anything to save themselves from exposure, prosecution, and justice. Their crimes - especially against children and of treason - have no public redemption.

These are the enemy. This is the war.


Hunting the Hunters: Inside the Minds of Elite Corrupt

This article is concise and bullet-pointed. It's unusual in the landscape of similar articles. The evil is around us and invisible. We all have had contact with it to some extent most likely. My little sister was almost pulled up over the fence of our backyard by a man. Literally abducted from her backyard. My mom happened to see, ran out there to stop it and was badly injured in the process. That same sister, now a very bad case drug addict, had her infant son taken by Child Protective Services. A short while later the child was said to have died from SIDS. I bought the whole story at the time, now I'm wondering...


If you don't know what SES is (Senior Executive Service that controls Washington, D.C.) watch this: