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Nine great divides of the Christian faith, which is reality

1. The Creator / creation divide.

2. The Jesus was a Great Teacher / Jesus is Lord and Savior divide.

3. The salvation by works (or faith + works) / salvation by faith alone divide.

4. The impersonal universe / personal universe divide.

5. The spiritual warfare approach to the faith / academic approach to the faith divide.

6. The fear of the world / fear of God alone divide.

7. The recognition of sin and the supernatural / non-recognition of sin and the supernatural divide.

8. The regeneration by the Word and the Spirit / 'regeneration' by cleric and ritual divide.

9. The "The Bible needs me more than I need it" / "I need the Bible more than the Bible needs me" divide.

BONUS: 10. The God is Triune and Personal / God is not Triune (Jews), or is not Triune and Personal (Muslims) divide. (Jews and Muslims in fact don't worship the same God as Christians, i.e. they don't worship the God self-revealed in the Old and New Testaments. They in fact worship, ultimately, Satan. Harsh to say, yet true. Jews don't even follow the Old Testament, they follow the Talmud.)

(#5 is not either/or, but it is still a divide because Christianity is a warfare worldview at its foundation. It can use what academic Christianity produces, but it can't live there and be real. #9 gets at 'scholarly' presuppositions in one's approach to the word of God; and how the Bible has been preserved, and is it pure and whole, etc.)


The best, most informed discussion of the worldwide Satanic pedophile phenomenon

If you have the patience to listen to this it is by far the best, most informed discussion of the Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophile phenomenon that is so prevalent at the Satanic heights of society. All corners of society.

The host does talk a bit too much, but, again, if you persevere you will get the best discussion of this subject.


The woman who is the expert is interesting because she uniquely talks not just about the victims and the evil people, but she also talks of those who get trapped in it, and how they are trapped.

Very much worth the time.


It's hard to state how repulsive these churchians are

Hyper churchian, Tom Chantry, who, yes, is one of many churchian leaders who castigated me for not belonging to a church, has been arrested for, not one, but multiple charges of pedophilia in his role as a 'pastor.'

As we have been finding in the political/media realm once the pedophilia activity becomes public the defenders get very loud, belligerent, mocking, and obnoxiously hairsplitting.

Frank Turk and Phil Johnson are good examples of these defender types. It should be noted that Turk, Johnson, and Chantry himself all aggressively and sarcastically defended a fellow well-known pastor and the pedophile ring associated with his church.

These people are evil. You know something is wrong with them in just casual conversational encounters. They seem hard, crudely mannered, always sarcastic, always practicing a hyper respecting of persons. It's like when somebody with the Holy Spirit enters their domain they start contorting and babbling like demons. Their immediate goal is to rid their environment of the Christian. If, like Cain, they could merely bludgeon the Spiritfull intruder they probably would. In a different day and place.

Evil is oozing up into the light. It is devastating to its young victims but banal as usual. Hey, these Satanic cretins say, let's molest, torture, and murder infants and children! Imprison and terrorize them too! Oh, the look of fear and horror on their little faces... Exquisite!