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Order Christianity

I'm posting over here too, you ritualist, Romanist fools...


From plowboy to king

One of the reasons (a big underlying, unrecognized reason) it is so rare for someone to connect with and get real understanding of the Bible (other than issues of regeneration) is the fact that the Bible is a document for royalty. To get into it is like getting into, at first, something that is above you, or that is 'not you', sort of like getting interested in aristocracy when you are a plowboy. What does that have to do with me? the plowboy says and feels. A Christian is a king, and part of a royal priesthood. It takes awhile to come into realization of that. Meanwhile the Bible presents itself to the still-plowboy as some kind of transaction or business carried out in a royal court where the plowboy has never been nor would be welcome. In the worldly sense. But as the plowboy by degree comes into realization of his new state of being a king and a priest and a prophet he begins to not only see the royal nature of the teachings of the Bible - covenants, for instance - but he slowly begins to appropriate them just as by faith he appropriates the saving work of the King of kings Jesus Christ.

I just killed a Ph.D

Yes, I just killed a Ph.D. He had referred to John Bunyan as "Dr. John Bunyan" because his institution had conferred on Bunyan an honorary doctorate, kind of like Mormons conferring Mormonism on dead people. Therefore I killed him on the spot. Before he could take another wretched breath.

Bunyan was a Christian; a prophet, a priest, and a king. He received his knowledge and understanding from the Word and the Spirit; and from engaging in the spiritual warfare with himself and the world (and sometimes with God...His own understand) that confronts a born again (regenerated by the Word and the Spirit) Christian.

I cut the Ph.D up and dumped him in a dumpster behind an ice cream shop where several other Ph.Ds were enjoying their daily get together where they discuss matters important to the 'church' and which of their colleagues received a new book deal and what new 'conferences' (that highly charged biblical term) they were going to in the coming year...

To fallen man the perfect law of God is the bondage of the Beast system

A Christian dies to the law. This is not well-understood among Christians or the teachers of Christians. To die to the law means to see your own nothingness. Truly. Getting beaten down by the world and your own vain foolishness helps. But one way or another you have to die to the law. First you have to understand that the perfect law of God is not what human beings understand it to be. People don't know it as a curse, because they still think they can follow it and be 'good' in God's sight and go to heaven. People don't realize they distort and pervert God's perfect law into vain moralism and proud self-righteousness and self-willful false piety. The law is the Beast system.

Basically to die to the law you have to truly see how you are dead in sin and thoroughly corrupt from the womb, and see that any thought, word, or deed - good, bad, or indifferent - that manifests from your being is as a filthy rag in the sight of God. You have to cease thinking you can follow the law and thus save yourself. As if a poisonous snake that has never struck anyone with its fangs could be let into the crib of an infant. But it's a 'good' snake! It's never struck anybody with its poison-delivering fangs! No, but it is its nature to strike with its fangs; but even beyond that it has poison inside it. It is not 'good' precisely because it has poison inside its being. It was born with that poison inside its being. And, again, it is its nature to strike, and so it will, eventually. It needs to have its nature changed and its poison removed from its being. Only God can do that. So it doesn't matter if the snake 'follows the law' and doesn't strike. It can't take the poison out of its body, and it can't change its very nature to strike. It has to 'die to the law' by ceasing to think it is being 'good' just because it hasn't struck anybody with its fangs.

Adam's fall made sinners of us all. We are born sinners. Original sin as part of our being from the womb. Then active sins adding to that. Yet people congregate in various villages of morality (to use Bunyan's language) and think they are good ol' boys and girls when all they have is the bondage and darkness of self-righteousness. They compare themselves to other people and thus come out, in their view, looking pretty good. A Christian has to compare himself to God and God's infinite holiness to begin to see the depth and degree of corruption that makes up his very essence. Then he has a chance to die to the law. Which is an awakening. But it is also a painful experience. It is a leaving of the world and entering the Way, which doesn't promise all flowers and sunshine and smiles. We experience what Jesus experienced.

And this is a difficult part of all this for Christians to accept: family is as much 'world' as the world around you is. Jesus made this point to us explicitly. In the churches you see moralising and self-righteousness that grows around notions of being a family man. The churches themselves become places for families. I.e. not for strangers. And Christians are strangers in this world. The holier-than-thou virus and self-righteousness virus and moralism virus infect people who affect to be 'separated' from the world when they are making the world to a more concentrated degree right in the temple of God itself. Enough on that difficult subject.

A Christian dies to the law. Then comes alive in Christ. Once alive in Christ the law is something you do because it is what you are. You are the image of God, and God's perfect law is natural to you. This can best be seen in spiritual warfare. It is something we want to engage in. Because it is what we are to engage in spiritual warfare. We are soldiers of Christ in our heart. We don't have to be bribed or coaxed or convinced or threatened with punishment to engage in spiritual warfare, we just do it naturally. The law is no longer a chain about our neck that compells us to do something we'd rather not do. The law becomes what we are. It is our heart.


The most inane book review ever on a Christian internet site

Here it is:

Monergism Review: It is agreed that the nature of Jordan's theology is not always agreeable, being hard to comprehend from scripture. However, as a commentator he remains one of the best. His work on Daniel will inevitably become a standard. The content is challenging and never too complex so as to leave the reader in confusion. Even though one might not agree with all of Jordan's conclusions, his arguments will never be dismissed without a fight. This is a vast work that will provoke much thought and appreciation in its readers. In my opinion Jordan's refutation of the dispensational interpretation is enough to establish the work as necessary. No matter how wrong Jordan is, he is (almost) always more right than the dispensationalist. Jordan adds to the wealth of literature on Daniel, but not in a disappointing fashion. One must always read discerningly and it is no different with Jordan. In the end the content disagreed with in the commentary will not be as much as the content agreed with in the commentary. With all theological disagreement aside, this is a must own commentary on Daniel!
--B. K. Campbell

The guy who runs monergismbooks.com (and monergism.com) has been in love with Federal Visionists for a long time, though he is reluctant for obvious reasons to admit it in public. He's been selling anything Doug Wilson writes or plagiarizes from the beginning, and he allowed a Federal Visionist to redo his website including the Covenant Theology page. When some longtime readers complained about all the missing links to classic sources on CT and all the new links to poisonous Federal Vision sources the site owner relented and put back some of the missing links, but only God knows what is still missing. He also adds little disclaimers on the product pages for Doug Wilson books warning his customers about Wilson's heterodox doctrine, but they are half-hearted and don't appear on all of Wilson's pages on his site. He is also mocking and angry when he is called on these things. Now he is selling a book by James Jordan (with the accompanying review above).

Monergism.com and monergismbooks.com, yet another part of the apostasy of the end times.


This is hilarious

Because we all know the Christians who really understand biblical doctrine are Ph.D.s...

Regarding submissions to the American Theological Inquiry:

3. The writer holds a doctorate, is a doctoral student, or is a distinguished member of the clergy.

Take a deep breath through the nose and smell the priest-class...

God's elect are made (quickened) by the Word and the Spirit. Then they find themselves strangers in this world, engaged in continual spiritual warfare. Our armour is the Sword of the Spirit - the Word of God - and our faith.

These priests of academia can't even recognize the Word of God.

These priests fear and revere man. God's elect fear only God.

These priests reside in Bunyan's Village of Morality (Bunyan wouldn't have been allowed to submit material to the above-linked journal, he being a convict and all, with no degree); God's elect are on the Way.


Christians are made by engaging the Word of God complete

Memorize this: The Roman Catholic church burned the Word of God and tortured and burned anyone who tried to bring the Word of God to people, but they called people to ritual water baptism all day long. Antichrist knows what regenerates God's own. Repeat: Antichrist knows what regenerates God's own. The Word of God regenerates - the Word and the Spirit - not ritual, not clerics, not physical trappings that appeal to inane sense-oriented bozos with the power of attention of maybe - maybe - being able to read a longish newspaper article on their favorite sports team.

The average seminary professor has never read the Word of God straight through complete. The average seminary professor can't even discern what the whole and pure Word of God is (hint: it's not modern perversions based on Roman Catholic and Arian manuscripts given to you by 19th century atheists and spiritualists).

The average church pastor (or 'reverend' or whatever they vainly call themselves) has never read the Word of God through complete.

It's the same in the secular world. 99% of people with a degree in the classics have never read the Iliad through complete.

To engage the Word of God (or the Iliad for that matter) in a dedicated, serious manner requires valuation. To then get anything from such summit and beyond-summit (in the case of the Word of God) influences requires not filtering the influence through the words and opinion (and fear) of man, or through one's worldly demands and one's vanity and shallow self-will.

It is the Word of God that makes Christians. Christians are bred by the Word (to quote Gurnall). Not ritual, not clerics, not church buildings.

It is a joke that no Christian 'church' in the world makes it a stated goal for everybody who comes into contact with it to read the Word of God complete once, twice, three times, seven times (and for church Christians who like to mock such numbers why don't you write the numbers one through ten on pieces of paper, put them in a hat and pick one then use IT as a goal; or...just go back to your television shows or whatever).

Regeneration is the main thing, and regeneration is effected, when it is effected, by the Word and the Spirit.

All the nonsense (and worse) you hear coming out of self-identified Christians is the noise of the unregenerate. Get the Word of God into you complete. It may harden you, but it is the only thing that can quicken you. Force the issue. Vain scholars read commentaries all their lives, Christians engage the pure and whole Word of God. It is living language. Get it into you complete. Allow it to quicken you. Get it into memory, will, and understanding...


Discern the shallow Christians and how they police

Liberal Christians are obviously shallow, but the shallow Christians you need to begin to discern are the ones who adopt Calvinism and Reformed Theology and bring it all down to their shallow, worldly demands. These are the 'teachers' and 'church leaders' who you will see wearing suits and ties like they could just as easily be cubicled insurance salesmen.

Where they police you is where you begin to come into contact with the Holy Spirit. This they despise. This brings out the devil - the spirit of disobedience - in them to the full.

Listen carefully: you are going to die. When you die you will be in a spiritual environment where the Prince of the power of the air reigns. These shallow Christians who merely call themselves Reformed professors and pastors and apologists and so on have no clue about this. They have no clue about spiritual warfare because they don't have the Holy Spirit in them. They demand their vanity over faith. They demand their worldly pride over repentance. They demand to indulge their self-will over God's will. They wouldn't know the devil if he had them by the throat. And they will 'counsel' you, and say things like: "It's dangerous to talk too much of the Holy Spirit. One needs to be careful. One doesn't want to fall into traps of spiritual pride. Allow your pastor to guide you in these areas." And more devil vomit, on and on.

Again, Christian, listen carefully: you are going to die. When you die you will find yourself on spiritual territory in a way the shallow Christians know nothing about and can know nothing about. You will be confronted by the devil and his followers and his powers. You will need the Sword of the Spirit and your shield of faith. You will need a King who can protect you. You will need the Pactum Salutis. The Covenant of Redemption. You will need legal standing in a Kingdom greater than the Kingdom of Satan. The shallow Christians who attempt to (usually successfully) stop you every time you make a move to truly contact the Holy Spirit are your enemies as much as the devil himself is your enemy. Remember: Calvin was a barefoot mystic compared to these asinine professors and scholars and 'reverends' and pastors who self-identify as Calvinist and Reformed.

The overtly liberal Christians are easy to see, but next time a less overtly liberal Christian calling himself Calvinist or Reformed tells you there is no difference between God's Holy preserved traditional text Word of God and the numerous devil's versions of so-called God's Word know you are in the presence of a liberal Christian. If they call themselves Calvinist or Reformed they are lying. They are Jesuits in spirit peddling the poison Rome demands you to partake of. They want you to be cut off from the Holy Spirit. They exalt ritual and man above the Word and the Spirit. Their claims of holding to the authority of sola Scriptura are empty. You can't claim the Word of God as your authority while at the same time demanding to dictate to God what His Word is. They hold to the authority of the words of man and the demands of the devil. Throw their (per)versions (critical text 'bibles') in the garbage where God's providence had put them before their atheist and new age spiritualist leaders found them and deceptively inserted them back into circulation like in the cloak of darkness inserting poison into a well.

This becomes real for you when you die, Christian. Do you have the Sword of the Spirit? Or have you been taking in the devil's and man's sword that impersonates the real thing? Have you been obedient to man when man tells you to fear man when God's tells you to fear God? Do you have a real connection to King Jesus? That would mean you have the Holy Spirit in you. When your professors and pastors mock such a thing do you follow them obediently or do you see the devil in their faces and their mocking? Get the whole and pure Word of God into you and get the discernment of the Holy Spirit into you. Know that the shallow Christians who call themselves Calvinist and Reformed are no different from the liberal Christians who declare homosexuality to be godly behavior. They both allow the devil to defile the Word of God and push that defiled word on everybody that comes within their influence. Know that these shallow Christians are dead internally and following the demands of the devil in everything they say and think and do, and when you follow them or allow yourselves to be influenced by them you are as dead as they are.

Now it is high time to awake out of sleep.

Another example of the Messianic theme in a pop song...

Here's a good example of a pop song with the Messianic theme, not overt obviously...